Jan 13-15 2022 | $75 | VCA Fall City WA

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Revival is a season where God’s presence and God’s will become the primary focus of our lives. It’s a rediscovering of the beauty and wonder of Jesus. Revival is simply a return to New Testament Christianity, the saints going back to normal.

We want Revival to be our Culture, the lens through which we do life together. We want to experience the Kingdom of Heaven invading our lives and circumstances here on earth, resulting in our communities becoming healthier and more aware of the goodness of our Father.

We invite you to join us as we begin 2022 with one purpose in mind:
To pursue God’s heart for Revival.

Chuck Parry and his team from the Bethel Healing Rooms will be with us January
12-15, 2022. They will lead us, teach us, and impart to us deeper revelation of God’s heart to heal, to speak, and to make His presence known.

Thursday 1/13/2022

7:00pm - Worship and Evening Session

Friday 1/14/2022

10:00am - Morning Session

11:30am - Break for Lunch

1:30pm - Afternoon Session

3:00pm - Break for Dinner

6:15pm - Doors Open

7:00pm - Worship and Evening Session

Saturday 1/15/2022

10:00am - Healing Rooms

Our Speaker

Chuck Parry

Chuck Parry was brought out of the psychedelic drug culture through a radical, personal encounter with Jesus in 1972. Chuck’s life is marked with both faith and the miraculous: over one winter his car got 320 miles to the gallon, he’s seen food multiplied on numerous occasions, storms move out of the way, miraculous finances and the supplies of Heaven released, dead people come back to life, metal dissolve from bodies, and countless sick and injured healed.
Chuck serves as the Director of Bethel Healing Rooms, a ministry of Bethel Church. His vision is to encourage, activate, and empower awakening believers and to serve the church internationally to see it become “the fullness of Him who fills all in all.”